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Reset how your team collaborates.

a/sync offers experiential learning programs to help teams and their managers achieve focus and flow.

Skills for distributed teams

Distributed teamwork requires new skills.

Reflect on your needs and the state of your skills with our guide to asynchronous collaboration, distributed teams and better ways to meet. Mural canvas included.

New! Call us for a 2hr discovery workshop with your team.

  • Understand synchronous vs. asynchronous modes of interaction

  • Identify opportunities for more schedule flexibility and intentional use of time

  • Self-assess your ways of working against a/sync principles to identify growth opportunities

  • Build confidence and practice a few async modes of collaboration that are relevant for your team

  • Define immediate next steps for your team and organisation

Meet the team

a/sync is a collaboration between three individuals that walk the talk.In 2021, we saw many of our clients move their physical office interactions to virtual spaces —and the inefficiencies and unhappiness that this caused. We realized that bringing Agile, design and facilitation practices together would be a powerful lever to help teams redesign how they work together, and a/sync was born.

Andrea Darabos

Andrea is an agile coach and organizational change consultant. Her team helps clients achieve more adaptable organizations - they form self-managing teams and focus these teams to rapidly validate business ideas or to scale up proven business models. Andrea is the founder of the London-based consultancy Lean Advantage, who work with various international banks, online retailers, telcos and IT solution developers.Find Andrea on Twitter @adarabos.

Stefan Morales

An open-hearted iconoclast, Stefan is the founder of Working Together Consulting, and associate at Greaterthan and partner at BASE Associates. Stefan specializes in organizational development and digital facilitation for a broad array of clients around the world.Twitter @stefanmorales.

Tomomi Sasaki

Tomomi is a designer, facilitator and coach; interested in how we design the conditions for independent-minded individuals to grow and thrive together. She is a partner at the Tokyo/Paris-based design consultancy AQ, working on digital product and customer experience challenges for a wide range of international clients.Say hi on Twitter @tomomiq.

Weekly publications

Get practice cards and other resources for distributed teams, every Tuesday, on LinkedIn.

a/sync practice cards

We offer in-house discovery workshops about your distributed teamwork capabilities.
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“Design the time of your life.”

— Bruce Mau, "MC24: Bruce Mau's 24 Principles for Designing Massive Change in your Life and Work"

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